Dancing Fish – (Buy Now and Get 1 Free)


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The Best Toy For Pets

Your Friend Will Go Crazy For This Toy!

Let’s face it: There are few things as cute as your pet enjoying themselves. But not all pet toys are made equal – some are more fun than others!

The Dancing Fish is one of those rare toys your Pet will stay interested in.

This quirky pet toy swims through your living room floor, giving your kitty a thrilling chase. Made with a soft yet sturdy cotton body, the Dancing Fish is perfectly safe for your cat to bite, scratch, and tear to their heart’s content.

 Key Benefits:

  • Soft Huggable Body: Let your kitty be the big spoon for once. The DancingFishy features a plush, cotton stuffed body for your cat to nuzzle into. 
  • Safe and Toxin Free: Cats are cats and that means scratching, biting, and breaking toys. The DancingFishy is completely safe for even the most destructive cats. Made of toxin-free materials, this kitty toy poses no health risk to your pet. 
  • USB Rechargeable:  Don’t make your kitty wait for you to buy batteries. This sustainable automated cat toy can be charged with a USB cable. 
  • Easy Operation: No manuals or mechanical engineering degree needed. Just make sure your Dancing Fishy is charged and switch it on.

Want To Treat Your Pet?

 The FIRST Fish Kicker That Moves On Its Own! (Patent Pending)

 Easy USB Recharging – Simply Recharge & Forget Batteries!

 Motion Detecting Motor Inside – Kicks Just Like a REAL Fish When Touched. Stops Itself When Left Alone!

 XL in Size  – Length: 11 inches (30 cm).

 ON/OFF Button Inside The Velcro Pocket.

 Pets LOVE IT & it’s Also Super FUN For ALL the Family Members Because of the Funny Wiggling Movements!  


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