Santa Claus costume dog clothes


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Christmas is the time to please pets in the house


Let your dog wear these cute potato nut costumes and enjoy the fun.

  • Keep warm from cold: Pet clothing is an important and basic function to keep warm, which is an important reason for the increase of pet clothing, in the cold winter, although pets may have body hair against the cold, but after a long period of time with humans, the pet itself.
  • Health and hygiene: Pet baby has the nature of shedding, put on the pet’s clothes, can avoid the bed and sofa covered with pet hair shavings, give the owner more convenience in cleaning life.
  • Cute and beautiful: Pet lovers always like to dress their baby pet beautifully, pet clothing is undoubtedly an indispensable ornament, as the saying goes: people trust clothes, Buddha trust gold, baby pet also trust in clothes, put it on elegant and beautiful clothes. , it can immediately turn into something charming to please the owner.
¡Pet cosplay costumes make your pets look more fun and cute and increase the Christmas fun!


1: Name: Pet Christmas Costume
2: Material: Polyester
3: Style: Hoodie
4: Season: Four seasons
5: Product Packaging: 1 x Pet Costume



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