Multifunctional Insect Repellent For Pets


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Suitable for all types of pets that pests disappear immediately

🐶Protect your beloved pets by giving them an insect-free life🦮

Eliminate up to 94% of all parasites in your pet’s body by emitting ultrasound waves that are 100% safe to use. Other collars are full of toxins that can irritate your pet’s skin. With only ultrasonic waves, this insect repellent is free of harmful substances to keep your pet free from fleas and pests.


  • AN ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: 94% of fleas, ticks and other pests are repelled by ultrasonic waves that cannot be heard by humans and pets, but which are an effective way to affect the brain of parasites so that they cannot do what they want and fly or run your way. instead of.
  • 100% SURE: Instead of the usual chemicals used in tick collars, pills or creams, this product is completely non-toxic and harmless to both pets and humans. Protect your pets so they can live a healthy, insect-free life together.

  • DISABLES LIQUIDS AND PESTS: Let your pet avoid fleas, ticks, parasites, and other pests so he can live a healthy, stress-free life without constantly scratching himself.

  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY: This insect repellent will not hang too much on your pet’s body and they will not even notice it. It’s made from lightweight yet strong materials so it can last for all your rides and adventures.

Sound frequency: 15 ~ 95KHz
Effective range:
10-70 square meters
Output frequency:
13KHz ~ 95KHz
Product Color:
White / Black
Material Composition:
Operating current:
Battery capacity: 1
Battery type:
Polymer lithium battery
Charging method:
USB charging (supports fast charging)
Item size: 4.45 x 1.25 x 6.2 cm / 1.75 x 0.49 x 1.75 inches
Item Weight:
30g / 1.05oz



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