Portable Dog Water Bottle 550ml


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Never Bring A Bowl On Walks Again

🐶🥤 Easier than bringing a bowl out with you. Less wasteful than having your dog drink from your ordinary water bottle. Safer and more hygienic than letting them drink from puddles and streams.

🐶🥤 The Porta Bottle is perfect for giving a drink to your furry friend on-the-go. You can give them a drink in the park, outdoors, the beach or anywhere.

🐶🥤 The special bottle has a wide-mouth bowl attachment that’s perfect for pets to drink out of. The water can be passed back and forth from the bowl so you won’t ever waste any. It’s also leak-proof and made from FDA-approved food-grade materials.

Extra Features:

✅ Anti-bacterial material.
✅ Food-grade plastic.
✅ FDA-approved.
Capacity: 550 ml.

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