Pet Oral Care Toothbrush


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Love your dogs, love their health 🐶

Not brushing your dog’s teeth daily is a BIG THREAT! But we have your back! 🦷 Time to give your dog a better smile 😁

Without brushing your teeth, plaque can build up and put your dogs at risk for bad breath, gum disease, and cavities.

  • Improve your dog’s health: prevent your dog from having plaque, bad breath, gum disease, and cavities
  • Save time and make your work easier, safe for your pet: let your dog clean his teeth without you
  • 3 in 1: toothbrush, food feeder and toy
  • The more they play, the healthier they become: attract your pet by putting food inside
  • Easy to wash: less than 30 seconds
  • Store food easily:  2 ways to fill your food, on the top of the toy and on the sides to attract your dog to play.
  • Easily improve: your dog’s oral health with our innovative toy.
  • Just say goodbye – to all those problems with our toothbrush chew toy.

We design the product for full potential use in any situation. You can easily hold the toy using a ball string to get your dog’s attention for a walk home or play with him around your house!
You can leave them with the toy to clean their teeth on their own or play with them to increase the relationship between your pet.
The product is made of high quality TPR material, synthetic rubber which is
, Safe to use with your pet, Good tear and abrasion resistance, It can absorb high impact.

-Material: TPR
-Color: Coffee, Pink, Sky Blue, Green, Blue
-Ball size: 11.5 * 5.5cm / 4.53 * 2.16in
-Tire size: 8 * 4cm / 3.15 * 1.57in


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