Premium Pet Feeder© – with camera and WiFi [for all pets].


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Automatic feeding device with integrated Camera and speaker, easily operated from anywhere from your smartphone.

Most pet owners would love to take their beloved ones with them everywhere. Unfortunately, depending on where they are going, this is not always possible. Our Premium Pet-Feeder© now makes this possible in a special way!

With our new Premium Pet-Feeder© you can watch your pet from anywhere, talk to you and feed you too, whether you are at work, shopping or anywhere else on the go, all no problem anymore!


You can record videos and take photos of your beloved pets with the smartphone app.



The premium pet feeder© has a capacity of 6 liters ofdry food, so you can save yourself from thinking about refilling it every day.


With the smartphone app for the Premium Pet-Feeder©, you can set the times at which you want the pet to be fed. The amount of the portion can be set to grams as well. Of course, you can also feed your pet from anywhere at any time without having previously set a time or other setting.

Setting for automatic feeding:



As soon as you turn on the smartphone app, you will directly see a live feed from the high quality camera built into the Premium Pet Feeder© and watch your pet. If it is not in front of the camera at the moment, you can call it to the device with the voice function.

Camera Features:

– HD picture quality

– 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution

You can additionally take photos of your pet with the camera via the smartphone app and even record videos to share with your friends.


The premium pet feeder© has a built-in high-definition speaker. Using the app, you can turn on your smartphone’s microphone and speak directly to your pet, everything you say will be output directly to the device’s speaker.


Use only dry food in the form of grains. Grains from 2mm to 12mm in diameter are best.


You can separate the Premium Pet Feeder© into three parts and clean each conveniently and easily as needed.


1 x Automatic Premium Pet Feeder ©
1 x User Manual
1 x USB cable for power supply

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