Hand Painted Moon Calendar


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2022 Moon Calendar for the Northern Hemisphere showcasing all astronomical events such as the super moons, meteor showers and eclipses.
Never miss a full moon again with this year at-a-glance hand painted beautifully calendar.

This Hand Painted Moon Calendar showcases exactly what phase the moon is in on any day and which sign the moon is transitioning through.

Instructions are also included to use the print as a lunar planting guide; harnessing the best potential from a plant’s yield by utilising the most fertile times of the moon’s cycle.

Other details included are

  • Astrological symbology, 
  • Pagan Wheel of the Year,
  • Mercury Retrograde,
  • Solstice and Equinox dates.



“ Moon Calendar is big bold and beautiful – I´m planning to frame it. It contains so much information on not just the moon phases but planting guides and much more astrological facts. “

-Christina, New York

“ The detail is incredible, such a beautiful piece of work. I will beautiful Piece of Work. I Will Have one every year! “

-Danielle, London

“ All I can say is Wow! The colour, the detail, the information – everything is just stunningly beautiful, I love it! “

-Elle, UK

The Moon is the Earth’s closest satellite object and ally, a magnificent spectacle serving as a great reminder to the wonder and beauty of our very existence.

In essence, “cyclical living” is paying attention to the Moon’s phases by aligning your own objectives to harmonise with the Moon’s natural pattern.

“Natural cycles like the menstrual cycle, moon phases and seasons are the ancient blueprints for your body and soul providing the map for your divine timing and success”


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