Flourish® Adjustable Plant Support


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Fallen and broken plants all over the house?
Flourish® was designed for plants to grow healthily!

Support growing flowers and leaves, avoid falling and breaking, conveniently to keep your plants growing healthily. Suitable for growing tomatoes and other climbing fruits, flowers, and vegetables, and keep the plants healthy and efficient.

Main Features:

Reusable and Natural
Appearance green like plants makes it blend in the garden. Covered with plastic, it can be used all year round in all weather conditions.

Each stake inside the iron, plastic coated surface, rust resistant. Large assistant garden, easy to insert into the soil for support plants.

Freely Adjust, Flexible, and Easy To Use
The flower stand can adjust the adjustable height at will according to your needs and the growth of the plant, just need to be rotated to a suitable position, and the pillar can be evenly distributed along the trail.

Easy to penetrate the ground
Our plant supports are stainless and with sharp points on one side for ease of penetrating into the ground. Can effectively prevent the spread of screws, can be used as a heat and light conservation frame.


Multi-vine support for climbing plants, flowers, vegetables. Great stakes for cucumber, eggplant, tomato, ivy, rose, clematis, jasmine, blackberry, bean, pea, grape, morning glory, long stem, etc. It can effectively prevent the spread of vines. Efficiently and conveniently to keep your plants growing healthily.



Outsourcing rubber iron pipe

Product Model Height 60cm, circle with a diameter of 28cm

Content Frames And Display Items


3 poles and 3 turns


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