Digital spoon to measure weight


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Can’t control the amount of cooking? Too light to measure weight?

Bring absolute precision to your baking sessions by measuring the ingredients on the digital spoon scale. The spoon provides exact measurements in grams and ounces simply by placing the ingredients in the removable plastic spoon found in this ingenious utensil.

Made of high-quality, food-grade plastic. 100% safe and durable.


Practical tools to measure the weight of flour, milk powder, butter, cream, edible oil, weigh both solid and liquid ingredients.


1: Fit for your kitchen design and daily diet.
2: Large LCD display, easy to read.
3: Automatically lock reading when data is stable.
4: Powerful battery operation with low energy consumption.
5: Hold the function to freeze the readings on the LCD screen.
6: Automatically turns off after 2 minutes.
7: Power saving and long battery life.
8: It can be hung freely.
9: Removable bucket head.

Ingredients ranging from 1 g to 500 g with a readability of 0.1 grams. The bucket has a capacity scale for more accurate weighing. To change the weight measurement, press the “Mode” button to change it.




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