Buddhablez™ – Tibetan Buddhist Braided Copper Beads Lucky Bracelet


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📿The Tibetan bracelet has a great spiritual power that drives away negative energies.🍀

Buddha, being the disseminator of the message of truth, peace, humanity, and equality, has become one of the greatest religious teachers in the world. His words and principles stand still in this modern age and resonate the kind of world he wanted to impart during his existence. This hand-knotted bracelet pays tribute to the life and teachings of Siddharta Gautama Buddha the founder of Buddhism.

This Handmade Tibetan Cord Lucky Bracelet integrates the essence of energy work in the wearer’s being. All string bracelets carry powerful energy as they were handcrafted by Tibetan Buddhists while chanting their mantras.

Also known for its spiritual power to ward off evil and enemies, giving positivity and wealth.


⛓ Chain Type: Braided Rope
👫 Gender:
⚙ Material:
Copper Beads + Braided Rope
📏 Length:
Adjustable Rope 16cm – 26cm | 6.2in – 10.3in
🎨 Colors:
Black, Blue, Pink, Green, White, Red.

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