SleepCar™ Kids Car Seat Head Supporter


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According to the survey, 60% of the deaths of children using a car seat were due to the failure to use some form of neck protection while the child was sleeping in the car.

✅ Ensure more comfort and safety for your child on outings, trips to school or longer car journeys.
✅ The neck protector has the function of holding the head when the child is sleeping, thus preventing it from falling forward or sideways in unconscious movements and thus protecting your child from future problems even in the cervical and spine.

✅ With a buckle strap closure, it can be adjusted to attach the SleepCar to safety seats or even to the back of the car seat, when using the support for children who use the high seat or even those who already use the car seat itself due to their age and size. SleepCar is easy to install and versatile in its use, ensuring greater safety for all ages.
✅ The front part of the SleepCar is closed with Velcro, which can be removed when the child is awake, or adjusted according to the size of the child’s head as needed.

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