Dog Lightweight Onesie


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Made by Dog Lovers For Dog Lovers!

Dog Lightweight Onesie is amazing. If you couldn’t take your pup anywhere because he was shedding too much, now you can, thanks to this onesie for dogs that will help control shedding and promote a happier, healthier lifestyle for pets and their owners. You will soon realize that this product has a wide range of other benefits as well, such as helping to reduce anxiety and replacing medical cones after procedures.


✔ Controls Shedding
The Shed Defender dog onesie is made from Shed-Tex, a proprietary recycled fabric designed to keep fur contained where it belongs – on your dog and not on your furniture or car seats.

✔ Reduces Anxiety
Dogs who have high energy or anxiety will benefit from the snug, gentle pressure of the dog onesie. Its calming benefits can help ease anxiety, and keep your pup calm during thunderstorms, firework shows, and separation anxiety.

✔ Replaces Uncomfortable Medical Cones
Use the dog onesie for recovery from surgery instead of the uncomfortable E-collar. It helps protect and cover wounds, surgical sites, hot spots, sores, skin allergies and other conditions while keeping them calm and comfortable while they recover.

✔ Keeps Your Pup Protected
An ideal onesie for dogs who love to be outside, the full-body material helps keep pups protected from ticks, dangerous insects, UV rays, sticks and burrs, and conditions harmful to their skin. It also keeps them clean while outside.


1. Making it is safe that the interaction between your pets and kids who are allergic to pet hair.
2. Reduce the spread of fleas and other pests.
3. After pet operation, it is beneficial to wound recovery and prevent pet licking.
4. Made of high-quality material polyester and spandex, it is elastic and makes the pet comfortable.

Easy On, Easy Off

Using the Onesie
🐾 Make sure it’s a snug fit
🐾 Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
🐾 Zipper Should run from the dog’s chest to tail
🐾 For potty breaks, just slightly unzip when outside

Putting it On
🐾 Make sure the zipper is on the dog’s belly side
🐾 Pull your dog’s head through the neck sleeve
🐾 Insert the front legs first, then the back legs
🐾 Zip it up and get going!

Taking it Off
🐾 Remove outside if possible to shake out loose fur
🐾 Unzip the onesie
🐾 Take back legs out first
🐾 Pull over your dog’s head and tke front legs out

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