Cambaby™ Tummy Time Mat


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How it works

Tummy time is a necessary activity in order to ensure your little one grows strong and stays healthy. However as parents, we all know how difficult tummy time can be for our babies.

This aquarium-themed Mat makes tummy time way easier and more enjoyable – for both the baby and the parents!


Encourages Healthy Development
Our Tummy Time Play Mat helps strengthen the baby’s leg and arm muscles to prepare to crawl.

Tummy Time Mat is an essential tool for developing solid head, neck, and shoulder muscles as well as enhancing hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and social skills.


Develop Essential Skills!

  • ✔️Neck – Strengthens neck muscles, improves head control
  • ✔️Head – prevents flat head syndrome (plagiocephably)
  • ✔️Brain – provides sensory stimulation & cognitive development
  • ✔️Arms – strengthens arms for reaching and crawling
  • ✔️Hips – stretches/develops hip muscles
  • ✔️Legs – helps develops muscles for crawling
  • ✔️Back – posture strength, back strength, skeletal alignment


Fun & Entertaining
Our Tummy Time Mat has colorful marine animal toys that will appear to be moving due to the water effect. Your baby will be attracted by the colors and movements and have a great time playing on the water mat.


Easy To Use
Simply blow up the edges, fill up the water value, set it on a safe space, and let the fun begin!


Built To Last
The tummy time mat made of thick PVC and leak-proof material. It is also environmentally friendly and BPA-free.


  • Material: 0.3 Food Grade 16P Environmental PVC
  • Age Range: 3 to 36 months
  • Includes: 1 x Water Play Mat

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