Baabom™ Electric Touch Maze Game


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A classic skill game, you need a steady hand, don’t touch the wire, otherwise you will make a buzzing sound!

The gameplay is simple, the handle does not touch the wire, and the game is unlid, as long as it passes smoothly and silently. when the metal hook touches the metal wire, music buzz will sound and lights will be emitted.

Don’t worry, this game is Safe and reliable, only powered by button battery, no harm to human body.

♥Cultivate children’s ability to resist stress, concentration, willpower and hand-eye coordination, and cultivate children’s good mentality in a stressful and stressful environment.

♥Strengthen frustration education, improve children’s mental toughness, learn to resolve problems, persist and overcome difficulties.

♥You can play and compete with friends and family. Increase family emotions and advance friendship.


  • Battery:2 x AAA battery(not included)
  • Product size:about 17 x 14 x 5.5(cm)
  • Package included:1 x Electric Touch Maze Game

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