Air Pump Wine Bottle Opener


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🎅 The best portable wine opener, which will be of great help. 🎄

✔️ Efficient air pump wine bottle opener: it is a simple wine bottle opener, easy and fast without hassle of pulling and twisting.
✔️ High quality: durable ABS housing, food grade Teflon needle treatment, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy to carry, suitable for travel.
✔️ Compatible with most wine bottles: the most efficient and convenient way to open a wine bottle, no cork damage and no cork residue. No pulling, twisting or breaking cork pieces. It is suitable for opening most wine bottles.

Portable & Elegant Desing
Compact, light and easy to carry, you can stow the cork anywhere in your back pack!

Our Pocket Corkscrew
Easy to open the bottle, remoce the cork completely.

Bottle opener structure

Easy to Use

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